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Welcome to My Indoor Kitty!

We’re cat people. We love everything about cats: the way they cuddle, the way they play, their snuggly little faces, and their adorable little whiskers. We especially love watching them explore their homes and the funny things they do! So we created My Indoor Kitty to share a glimpse of our lives with you.

This site is mostly dedicated to indoor cats, but you will also find some good info for cats that love to adventure outside.

Ben Ross

Ben Ross

Site Owner, Blogger & Cat Lover

My name is Ben and I am a cat lover. I’m not a professional writer or a doctor or an expert of any kind on anything. But I am a guy who likes to share what little knowledge and experience I have with others. 
Ever since I was a child, I have always lived in a house full of cats (my mom was like one of those stereotypical ‘Cat Ladies’).

Right now, I live with my three indoor cats, Hixxy, Salt, and Pepper.

These were the three kittens that were left at our house by our neighbor, who had kittens and couldn’t keep them.

Salt is the old man of the group, who loves to sleep, play, and eat.
Pepper is the alpha female, who is quick to fight over food.
And finally, Pepper’s baby, Hixxy, who is the skinniest, most curious, and most playful of the three.