Burmese – Indoor Cat Breed Guide

The Burmese are a very popular breed of cat that is not only friendly but also have great personalities.

Burmese – Indoor Cat Breed Guide


In 1930, Dr. Joseph C. Thompson took his Burmese cat home to show to the world. He named her Wong Mau and the Burmese cat was born. From that moment on, the Burmese cat has been bred for decades to be the breed of cat that we know today.


The Burmese cat breed has a medium size with females weighing 8-12 pounds and males being over 12 pounds. Males are larger than females.


The Burmese are very intelligent cats with a lot of personality. It loves people and is extremely talkative. In fact, the Burmese can be a bit of a chatterbox.

However, because of its love of people, it is also very affectionate and loves having its head rubbed. It also likes to play games and can be quite competitive.

The Burmese is a very active cat and will enjoy being given lots of exercise. They are great with children and generally get along well with other pets.

Health Problems

Burmese cats can suffer from a painful condition called Orofacial Pain Syndrome (OFS).

This is a distressing condition that affects Burmese cats. It’s thought to be inherited, so if you have a cat that has developed this problem, it is advisable to seek veterinary attention.


Burmese cats are popular for their distinctive personalities and playful nature.

Their coats are short and fine, require minimal grooming, and shed very little.

Their fur has a glossy shine, so they do not need to be brushed very often.

However, they do need to be groomed every few weeks to remove dead hair and maintain a shiny look.

Burmese cats are fun-loving and playful. They do best in an active home where they can have access to toys and plenty of interaction with people.

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