Do Cats Eat Frogs & Toads?

Have you ever wondered whether cats eat frogs and toads? It’s a question that has baffled many people over the years. And while some have claimed that yes, cats do eat frogs, others have claimed that no, they don’t. This article will explore the evidence surrounding this question.

cat with a frog

Do Cats Eat Frogs?:

Let’s begin with the first question – do cats eat frogs? The answer is: Yes

Yes, cats do eat frogs! It’s true, and it’s sad. The reason is that frogs are a food source for cats. 

Why Do Cats Bring Frogs Home?

When a cat catches a frog in the wild, it will usually eat the frog immediately. However, if the cat is unable to finish the frog, or the frog is left wounded, but still alive, the cat will bring it home to finish the job.

Another reason why they would bring one home is that they ‘bring home a present for you eat.

In the wild, cats provide for their young. Domestic cats tend to transfer these instincts to their owners. This is one of the reasons why cats meow and purr outside the door when they have caught their food, they are letting you know that it is dinner time.

Are Frogs Poisonous to Cats?

Most frogs in the United States won’t cause acute poisoning to cats if ingested. There are, however, a few species of frog that will make your cat very ill.

Are Green Tree Frogs Poisonous To Cats

One of these species of frogs is the ‘Green Tree Frog‘.

If your cat eats one of these, then due to the toxins that they contain, your cat will most likely start to vomit and maybe lose their appetite.

What Should I Do If My Cat Eats a Frog?

If your cat eats a Green tree frog, then you should monitor it closely. This is because the toxin that these frogs have can cause serious problems if they are consumed.

Afterward, if your cat becomes lethargic, you should take them to the vet right away.

If it eats a different kind of frog, then it will more than likely be ok. Just make sure that you keep an eye on them.

Do Cats Eat Toads?

Yes, cats may eat toads if they come across them in the wild, but it is not a common or necessary part of their diet. It is also not recommended to offer toads to domestic cats as they can be toxic to them.

Are Toads Poisonous to Cats?

Toads are very poisonous to cats

cat with toad

When a cat eats a toad it can get very sick. Toads’ contain a poison called bufotoxin.

When a cat eats a toad the poison can cause a lot of different symptoms.

These symptoms can include: vomiting and diarrhea, dilated pupils, to the point they can’t see, seizures, and death.

Some cats recover completely while others have long-term health problems. In some cases, even if a cat recovers from an episode of toad poisoning it can still be at risk for other health problems in the future. This is especially true if the owner doesn’t make sure the cat gets the right kind of veterinary care. Toads are common in the United States.

If you see your cat eating a toad, you need to contact a vet right away. The vet will give your cat anti-toxin to stop the effects of the poison.

What Should I Do If My Cat Eats a Toad?

Cats can become very sick and even die from eating toads. If your cat has eaten a toad, take it to the vet immediately.


The vet will give your cat anti-toxin to stop the effects of the poison.

How to Stop Your Cat from Eating Frogs & Toads

There is not really a lot you can do to prevent your cat from eating frogs and toads when they are out. The only real advice I can give is to keep your cat inside.

If this is not possible and you need to let them out, consider feeding them before they venture out.

If your cat goes out with a full belly, it will be less likely to hunt for food.