How To Feed Your Cat Wet Food While Your Away

There are many reasons you might not be home when your cat needs to be fed. Perhaps you have a busy schedule at work, or you travel frequently.

But what can you do about it?

Let’s find out.

Can Cats Survive on Their Own?

If you’re really worried about this, you should know that cats are very independent. They have the ability to survive on their own. This is because they are carnivores. Carnivores are designed to hunt and survive off their food.

Cat eating food

But if they are indoor cats, they will need to be fed twice a day.

They can eat dry food and wet food. But you must feed them high-quality food. This will ensure that they remain healthy.

How To Feed Your Cat Wet Food While Your Away

cat eating wet food from a bowl

Here are a few ways that you can feed wet food to your cat while you are away.

Automatic Cat Feeders

Automatic Cat Feeders are a great option to have your cat feed while you are away. These devices can be programmed to feed your cat food at a certain time and day of the week. They can hold a good amount of food and come in various sizes.

The one that we recommend is the ‘iPettie Donuts 6-Meal Automatic Wet and Dry Food Pet Feeder with Programmable Timer’.

The dispenser has 6 separate compartments which hold 6-ounce (oz) portions of wet or dry food.

Each compartment is isolated from one another, so your cat can only eat from his/her own designated portion.

The power source of the iPettie is C-size batteries or an AC adapter.

The programmable timer is really easy to use too.

Ask A Friend Or A Relative You Trust

If you know someone who is trustworthy ask them if they would be willing to keep an eye on your cat for a day or two while you are away.

This would give you peace of mind knowing that your cat is alright and will eat well.

If they are willing, then hand them an extra key to your house and get them to feed your cat at the same time every day.

Hire A Professional Cat Sitter

If you don’t have someone you trust, then you should consider hiring a professional cat sitter.

cat sitter

This way your cat will be taken care of properly and he will get the nutrition that he needs.

You should find a good sitter by asking your local vet or looking in the phone book under “Sitters”.

You should give the sitter the name and number of your veterinarian. It is also a good idea to give your sitter a picture of your cat and a written description of his medical history.

Opt for a boarding kennel

A boarding kennel is the best option if you are often away from your cat. These places keep your cat happy and clean, and they make sure he gets fed properly.

cat in kennel

They also allow your cat to make friends with other cats and play with them. A boarding kennel will cost more than a house-sitter, but it will be worth it.

Look online, and you will find many kennels that will take good care of your cat.

How To Keep Wet Food Fresh

Unless you buy canned or dry food for your cat, you may need a way to keep the wet cat food fresh.

Freeze the food

Freezing wet food in a sealed plastic container will keep it fresh for a long time.

Keep the wet food in the refrigerator

To keep wet food fresh in the refrigerator, place it in an airtight container or place it in a Tupperware with a lid.

This will prevent it from getting freezer burn and keep it fresh for a long time.

When Dry Food Might Be a Better Alternative

Dry food is the most convenient option for busy people who are away from home a lot.

Dry food can also be used in multiple ways. You can mix it in with wet food in wet food dishes to make the wet food last longer. Dry food is also great for people who like to use their food for treats.

You can sprinkle it on top of wet food or in the bowl with dry food. Pets love the taste of this food. The ingredients are just what your pet loves, especially the salmon oil. 

Access to fresh water

It is highly important that make sure your cat has a constant supply of water.

We recommend that you leave a faucet open a little so they can have a drink whenever they wish.

If your cat needs to drink from a bowl, you could invest in a small pet water fountain.

What about their litter trays?

All that food has to go somewhere right?

cat in litter box

So how can you manage their litter trays when you are away for a few days?

Buy an automatic sifting litter box to do the work for you.

Final Words

In conclusion, you can easily feed your cat wet food when you’re away and there are plenty of ways to do so.