11 Ways To Keep An Indoor Cat Happy & Entertained

Caring for an indoor cat can be a full-time job. They are rather different from the outdoor cats you are familiar with: while cats prefer the outdoors, they have adapted to life indoors, and are happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. However, this fact can be a double-edged sword: while indoor cats are perfectly healthy, it can be hard to care for them all day long, and the indoor cat owners are left with the challenges of maintaining a happy and healthy pet.

Ways To Keep An Indoor Cat Happy & Entertained

Give Them Toys To Play With

Indoor cats need mental stimulation just as much (if not more) than physical exercise. They need toys to play with, and games to entertain them. This is not only good for their mental health but also good for their physical health.

cat toy

There are many cat toys on the market, some are filled with catnip, others have little bells inside them, and some are simply round plastic objects that spin when you push them with your paw. Whatever. All that really matters is that your cat loves his toys… and… that he plays with them.

A View Of The Birds

Indoor cats have an amazing ability to adapt to their environment. One of the ways they do this is by observing what goes on around them. If there are birds outside your window, then your indoor cat will learn to enjoy watching them from his vantage point indoors.

cat viewing birds

You can buy bird cages for your indoor cat, or you can hang a feeder outside the window. You can also get an inexpensive webcam, set it up outside the window, and show your cat videos of birds on the computer.

Get Them A Cat Tree To Climb

Cats like to climb. They need something to climb on, and something to climb up. A cat tree is perfect for an indoor cat. It gives him a safe place to perch, and he can observe the world from a high perch.

cat tree

It also provides an opportunity for the cat to practice his climbing skills. If you have a young cat, he’s probably going to take to the cat tree as a fish takes to water.

Build a Catio

If you don’t have an outdoor cat enclosure, you might want to consider building one. They are a great way to let your kitty enjoy the outdoors without the risk of him running away or getting injured.

Image source: Flickr

Building a cat enclosure is fairly easy and takes very little time. The great thing about them is that you can use them for multiple cats, so if you have a few cats, you can build one big enough for all of them!

Love Your Cat

Cats really love attention, and they really do love to be petted and brushed. They love it when you talk to them, and, of course, they love it when you fill their food dish.

cat being petted

Be sure to spend some quality time with them. They will really appreciate it.

Litter Box Location

Cats are very territorial. They love to have a place of their own with a bit of privacy. It helps them to not feel stressed.

Litter Box

A good place to put the litter box is in a corner. Cats like to be hidden and they don’t like to be seen when they are doing their business. You can also use a covered litter box.

Indoor Hunting

All cats have an urge to hunt, however, indoor cats don’t get to hunt for the same reasons that their outdoor counterparts do. Instead, they look for their prey in the household, which can be anything from a small toy or a piece of paper.

cat hunt

I think it can be entertaining to watch a cat play with a small toy. However, I also think it’s fun to set up a situation where a cat has to work for her food. This is probably why I enjoy using my cat’s laser pointer.

My cat has to run around the house to catch the dot of light. It’s a fun game, and she can do it at her own leisure. Cats are also very playful by nature. Almost any toy that you buy is bound to be entertaining for your cat.

Provide Them With Somewhere To Scratch

Give your cat plenty of places to scratch. Scratching is a necessary part of a cat’s grooming routine. It removes the dead outer layer of the nails and stretches the muscles in their legs, arms, and back.

cat scratching

It’s also a natural instinct that cats just can’t ignore. You may be able to keep your cat from scratching your furniture and drapes, but you can’t stop it from scratching something.

Comfy Cat Beds

There are a lot of things you can do to make your cat happy, and one of them is making sure he has a comfortable bed to rest in.

cat bed

There is nothing a cat loves more than a good nap, and a cat bed is perfect for that. It’s a great place where your cat can sleep, relax, and just enjoy the moment. 

Cats love to nap, and they will do it whenever they get the chance, and these beds are perfect for just that.

Hiding Places Keep Cats Happy

There are many ways to take care of an indoor cat, and one of the most important is providing him with a safe and cozy place to hide away.

cat hiding

If you don’t provide your cat with a place to escape the harshness of the world, he will never learn to be independent, and will always rely on you for protection. This can cause a problem when you are away from home, because you may not be able to provide him with what he needs when he is feeling insecure.

Games For Cats On Your Tablet

If you have a tablet or smartphone, you can download games for your cat to play. This is a good way to help your cat stave off the boredom that can come from being alone or feeling nervous.

cat playing with tablet

Many of these games are free and you don’t even need an internet connection! Many people think that cats are not interested in playing video games but that couldn’t be further from the truth. These types of games are extremely popular with felines.