Scottish Fold – Indoor Cat Breed Guide

The Scottish Fold is a very friendly, gentle cat breed. They are great with children and other animals.

Scottish Fold

They can be very active and playful, but they are also very sensitive and must have plenty of attention from their owners.


The Scottish Fold is one of the oldest breeds of cats, having been around since 1961. The original Scottish Fold (named Susie) had folded ears, a trait that was passed down to half of her offspring.

William Ross, a farmer from Perthshire, Scotland, bought one of those kittens and established the breed. It has been a popular breed since then.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of Scottish Fold cats. 


Scottish Fold cats are medium-sized domestic cats. They weigh between 6 and 9 pounds for females and 9 and 13 pounds for males.


Scottish Fold cats tend to be easygoing, mellow, and affectionate.

They are the perfect cat for a busy household. They enjoy having company but do not require much attention. Scottish fold cats are also great around children, as long as they are taught how to behave around them.

Health Problems

Scottish Fold cats suffer from a variety of health problems, including arthritis, cardiomyopathy, and osteochondrodysplasia.


If you’re looking for a breed of cat that’s a bit more laid back, the Scottish Fold may be a good fit for you. These friendly felines tend to be less active than other breeds, but they do like attention and may enjoy playing with interactive toys or having their food puzzle fed to them.


Scottish Folds are an extremely easy cat to care for. They require no special grooming and can be brushed like any other cat. The most important part of caring for a Scottish Fold is keeping their coat clean. Brushing helps remove dead hairs and maintain the health of the hair. Also, keeping the ears clean will help prevent ear infections and other conditions.

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