What Smells Deter Cats From Peeing Around The House? Let’s Find Out

Cats are known to urinate whenever they wanted. When they can’t find a proper option of using a litter box, they end up spraying on the floors, furniture, sofas, and carpets.

Cat pee on sofa

Cats will generally not pee anywhere that smells unpleasant to them. But whats smells can deter cats from peeing?

What Smells Stop a Cat from Peeing on Things in Your House

A simple way to stop your cat from urinating on things around your house is to cover those things in certain scents that the cat does not like. Here are some of the smells that your cat will hate:


Cats do not like citrus smells. You can cover your things with citrus to dissuade your cat from urinating on them. Put a citrus-scented air freshener in the room your cat is in or place small bowls of citrus fruit to cover your things.

In addition to the citrus smell, you can also cover the items you want to protect with orange peels.


Most cats can’t stand the smell of vinegar. Put a bowl of vinegar in the room with your cat and it will keep it at bay. If you don’t want to leave the vinegar in the room, you can also place cotton balls soaked in vinegar in the room.


This plant is great for keeping cats away. Not only can you use the dried leaves and buds around your house, but you can also get a eucalyptus essential oil to add to a diffuser to keep cats away.


Coffee beans are a great way to keep cats away. You can leave them in an area you don’t want cats to go in, you can put them in a garden or flowerbed that you don’t want cats to go in, or you can even make a coffee-bean-infused spray to keep cats away.


You can also use lavender essential oil to repel cats. To get the best results with lavender, you should use it either in a diffuser or with a sprayer.

How to Use These Scents

Before you use any of these scents to repel cats, it is important that you dilute them with water first.

Once you have diluted them, you could add them to a spray bottle and spray them on the area where you have seen the cat peeing.

Why Is My Cat Peeing on My Things?

There are many reasons why your cat might be peeing on your things. It could be a sign of anxiety, fear, or stress. There are also other causes for your cat to be urinating.

Your cat may have a urinary tract infection (UTI), which is when bacteria build up in the bladder. UTIs can cause a cat to urinate outside the litter box, especially if they are not comfortable with their environment.

Another reason could be that the litter box is dirty. I recommend doing regular litter box cleanings, especially if your cat has one box for several cats. You should be cleaning the litter box once a week at the very least.

Cat in litter box peeing

Another litter box cause could be that they don’t feel safe when they’re doing their business.

If the litter box is located in a busy part of the house, cats will be uncomfortable doing their business there. This problem can be even worse if you live in a small apartment as they will have less space to themselves. You’ll have to make sure they are comfortable in order to get rid of the problem.

What is the best cat pee repellent?

The best cat pee repellent is one that will deter your cat and ensure that it never uses your furniture again. It should also be safe for your cat and your family and there should be no side effects to using it.

Using a cat pee repellent that’s harmful to your cat or that they are allergic to can make the problem worse, not better.

The best one that I have used is this one by Everjoice.

What Smells Deter Cats From Peeing Outside?

If you have a cat and it likes to go outside, there’s a good chance it will pee on your deck or in your flower beds. This is a problem for a lot of people because they’re worried about what smells like cat urine on their plants or deck.

cat peeing outside

The scents that I listed above may not be ideal for outside use as they can easily be washed away in bad weather.

What I recommend is a dedicated cat repellent such as ‘EverJoice Cat Repellent Spray‘ that is suitable for outdoor use.