Why Does My Cat Guard My Bedroom Door?

If you have a cat you might have noticed that they will often lay down at the threshold of the door and not let anyone or anything pass by them.

But why do they do this?

Today we will be taking a look at why you suddenly have a ‘guard cat’ and what you can do to stop them from doing it. 

Why Does My Cat Guard My Door?

Cats guard doors as a form of territorial behavior. They see the door as a boundary that separates their space from other areas and want to protect it from potential intruders. This behavior is most commonly seen in cats that are the dominant or alpha cat in the household.

Other Reasons Your Cat Guards You

Here are a few of the most common reasons your cat might guard your door:

Your Cat Loves You

This is normal behavior for cats who love their owners. They want to be with you so much they will do whatever it takes to ensure they are safe. This might consist of following you around the house, guarding the door, and even following you to the bathroom.

Your Cat Is Afraid

This is tricky since cats are often afraid of new things. If you just got a new pet, it may be afraid. Or if you got a new baby, your cat may be afraid. Observe your cat for signs of fear, such as dilated pupils, hiding, meowing, and hissing.

It’s Part Of Your Cats Routine

Cats are creatures of habit, so if your cat is used to sitting or sleeping outside of your door, he might just keep doing that. Cats have a tendency to be very territorial about their places of comfort, so if your cat is used to your bedroom being a place he can go, he may just continue to use it.

Your Cat Has Separation Anxiety

One theory about why cats do this is that it has something to do with them having Feline separation anxiety.

This means that if you were to go away on a trip or maybe even just spend a night in another room, your cat would feel very uneasy and afraid.

And sometimes, if they are a very young kitten, they might still be learning to trust and rely on their human.

If this is the case, then when you are not around they might do things to try and make sure they are still safe. Like laying down at the doorway as a form of self-protective behavior.

Your Morning Routine

When people say that cats are very intelligent, they aren’t joking.

Cats can not only establish their own routine, but they can also monitor the routine of their owners.

Every morning, I get out of bed and all of my cats are waiting for me just outside of the door.

They know what time I usually get up and feed them so they wait for me by the door.

Then, when I open it, they scurry down and wait for me to put out their breakfast. 

How Can I Stop My Cat From Sitting At My Bedroom Door?

If you live in a small house and have a cat who likes to sleep on the bed, there’s a good chance he or she is going to want to sleep near your bedroom door, since this is the place where they’ll hear you coming and going the most.

If you don’t want them doing this, there are a few things you can do.

Use A Scent They Don’t Like

You can use a strong scent like lemon spray to make your cat go away.

Just spray a little bit on the floor near your cat’s territory (your cat will hate this!) and see if that does the trick. If it does, keep using it until your cat gets the idea.

Make Them Their Own Space

Put a scratching post or cat tree and a cat bed in a different part of your house so your cat has his or her own “territory”. This will help to keep cats from wanting to sleep near doors or anywhere else where they are cooped up a lot.

Use An Ultrasonic Speaker

An ultrasonic speaker makes a loud continuous noise. Cats hate this noise and will go away from wherever it is you are playing it. You can use this to force your cat away from areas he or she is trying to claim as territory.

Keep Moving Them

If all else fails, simply keep moving them until they get the idea.

It may get to the point where they decide that this new area is not worth the effort and simply move on.

Should I Leave My Bedroom Door Open For My Cat?

Cat owners often wonder if they should leave their bedroom doors open for their cats. The answer is… “It Depends!”.

The suggestion of leaving the door open for your cat to come and go as he pleases is taken from the idea that cats are invisible when they are sleeping.

They are supposed to sleep during the day and normally sleep with their owners.

Although, it is noted that not all cats will do this.

Do Cats Protect You While You Sleep?

The answer is a definite yes!

Cats are very protective of their families and will go to great lengths to make sure they are around to see you wake up in the morning.

This is especially true if you have a cat who is very attached to you. A cat might sleep on you while you sleep to feel your heartbeat and breathing.

The reason behind this is that cats feel more safe and secure when they are sleeping near you.

Final Words

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and I really hope that you have a better understanding of your cat’s behavior. So next time you ask yourself ‘Why Does My Cat Guard My Bedroom Door?’, you can find the answers here. Thank you very much for reading.