Why Does My Cat Sniff My Hair?

This is one of those questions that seems so simple on the surface, yet has a very deep answer. I am sure you have wondered at some time or another, why does my cat sniff my hair? Is it just natural curiosity? Let’s find out

cat sniff hair

Why Does My Cat Sniff My Hair?

Cats sniff their owners’ hair as a way to familiarize themselves with their scent and establish their territory. It is also a sign of affection and trust.

Other Reasons Why Your Cat Keeps Smelling Your Hair

There are a few reasons why your cat loves sniffing your head, here are a few of those reasons:

It’s Looking For Food On You

Cats have an amazing sense to smell, they can smell food from a mile away, and what your cat might think is a piece of food, is actually your head, so it keeps on smelling you to see if you have food.

In Order To Learn More About Your Health

Some cats have been known to sniff out various diseases in humans.

Although not as successful as dogs, felines have been known to detect cancer cells (source).

If your kitty has started to sniff or even lick you, they may just be checking that everything is ok.

You Have An Odd Scent

A cat’s nose can smell odors 10 times better than humans. If there is even a slight change in your scent, they will know about it.

Cats smelling your hair is quite common when you have just washed it with a new shampoo as this is a smell that they have never experienced on you before.

This is the reason you should not wash your hair with a new shampoo on a day when you are going to be around your cat so that you can avoid them smelling your head and making a big drama out of it.

To Say Hello

If your cat starts to sniff or lick you, it does not necessarily mean that they are trying to figure out what you are doing wrong, it could also be that they just want to say hello.

If you have a friendly and open-minded cat, they will happily go up to everyone that they meet and start sniffing their hair or clothing in order to see if they are a friend or not. 

If you have a furry friend at home, then you know that they usually prefer the company of their family members to the company of strangers. However, there are a few felines that will happily greet everyone they meet, just to say hello.

To Mark Their Own Scent

Another reason is that they are marking their own scent.

Cats will rub their scent on top of yours, just to make sure that the scent is still there.

If you have ever seen your cat rubbing his face against your clothing, this is a sign that they are marking their own scent.

Smelling Your Pheromones

As cats are famously curious creatures, they may just be checking out your pheromones.

Your scalp is one of the places where your pheromones are strongest.

It is possible that your cat is attracted to the smell of your pheromones.

What To Do To Stop Your Cat Sniffing Your Hair

If you find that your cat keeps on exploring your hair all the time, you may wish for them to stop doing it.

Although it may seem cute at first (especially when they are happily purring away), it can get annoying.

However, there are some things that you can do to discourage or prevent your cat from doing it.

tickly cats nose

If he continues clawing you or biting your hair, let him know that it is not acceptable behavior.

You could try tickling his nose a little bit whenever he starts to go at your hair. This should serve as a warning to him to not do it again.

If he continues clawing you or biting your hair, let him know that it is not acceptable behavior.